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Shaw Honored as One of Country's Top 125 Training Companies

Shaw Industries was recently recognized by Training magazine as one of its annual Top 125 training companies. Shaw is the first floor covering manufacturer to be named in the publications awards list, which includes companies such as Deloitte & Touche, IBM, Microsoft, Pfizer, Ritz-Carlton Hotel

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Training, a 40-year-old professional development magazine, advocates training and workforce development as a business tool. According to its editors, the annual awards are given to companies that foster their peoples learning, development, and relationships within the company and display a consistent and clear understanding that the ultimate prosperity of the organization is directly related to the extent that individual employees are encouraged to develop their own potential.

The awards were presented by Training magazines publisher, Richard Ausman, who congratulated the Top 125 winners, saying, Thanks to your vision and guidance, your organizations are leaders in employee development...We celebrate your efforts to build learning organizations that invest in their human assets the only true competitive advantage in today's global marketplace.

The Training Top 125 spent nearly $5 billion on training and development initiatives last year. On average, the Top 125 provide 53.5 hours of training per employee each year, funded by an average 4 percent of payroll a full 1.4 points higher than the industry norm of 2.6 percent.

Danny Crutchfield, Shaw's director of corporate training and organizational development, accepted the award on behalf of the company. Crutchfield said, The Top 125 award is a tribute to the senior management of Shaw Industries, who have always emphasized the concept that people are our most important asset. Joining Crutchfield in accepting the award were Shaw's Brian Cooksey, Scott Humphrey, and Mary Rose Threet, who represented the Shaw Learning Academy, the company's strategic umbrella of training centers dedicated to developing and educating its employees, customers, and suppliers.

Crutchfield added that the same "Top 125" training that enhances the performance of Shaw's employees has been offered and delivered to their dealers. In fact, this tradition of providing training for dealers was one of the key factors in Shaw being recognized in the "Top 125."

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